“The concerns and challenges of the agricultural world today call us to consider with great esteem the farmer’s work, which—due to its dependency on nature—is exposed to greater risks than other branches of the economy,” noted the President of the Polish Bishops’ Conference and Metropolitan Archbishop of Poznan Stanisław Gądecki.

Archbishop Gądecki presided the Holy Mass, which was the culminating point of the pilgrimage of Farmers from throughout Poland to Jasna Gora. In his homily he pointed to the values cultivated in the agricultural milieu, mentioning, among others, the respect for the family and work, attachment to God, and especially devotion to Mary.

It is a tradition for Poland’s farmers to gather at Jasna Góra each year to give thanks for the harvest. This year, the event was associated with celebrations for the 300th Anniversary of the Papal Coronation of the icon of Our Lady of Jasna Gora. The sanctuary, where the chapel containing the miraculous image is located, is called the „Spiritual Capital of Poland.” So far, three popes have visited Jasna Gora: John Paul II, Benedict XVI, and Francis.