There will soon be proceeded the civic legislative initiative “Halt Abortion”, which presupposes the removal of the possibility of killing a child due to the suspicion of disability or illness (eugenic abortion). The Polish Bishops’ Conference from the beginning supports this initiative as an important step to full protection of life and thanks some 830,000 Polish citizens who have signed the draft law.

We kindly ask the faithful to pray for the protection of the life of unborn children. We appeal to all parliamentarians to respect the right to life of every human being and to adopt the civic draft law “Halt Abortion”. We would like to remind that the right to life is not only a matter of religion or belief, but it results from the natural law and universally recognized dignity of a person. As we have emphasized many times, instead of abortion, the child can always be given up for adoption.

We also remind that those who respect human rights – and among them the first is the right to life – should not support legal projects directed against life.

In this important time, let us remember the words of our compatriot St. John Paul II: “A nation that kills its own children is a nation without a future”.

Archbishop Stanislaw Gadecki
Metropolitan of Poznan
President of the Polish Bishops’ Conference

Archbishop Marek Jedraszewski
Metropolitan of Cracow
Vice-President of the Polish Bishops’ Conference

Bishop Artur G. Mizinski
General Secretary of the Polish Bishops’ Conference

Warsaw, January 10th, 2018