Archbishop Hoser: prophetic voice of “Humanae vitae” on the results of contraception


The voice of the “Humanae vitae” encyclical on the results of contraception turned out to be prophetic. Pope Paul VI aptly predicted that its application would open the easy path of marital unfaithfulness and the general fall of manners – said Archbishop Henryk Hoser during the session dedicated to the 50th anniversary of the proclamation of Paul VI’s “Humanae vitae”, which took place on June 12 at the seat of the Polish Bishops’ Conference.

Archbishop Henryk Hoser reminded that the encyclical highlights the features of marital love. “First, it is human, both carnal and spiritual, these two dimensions must be combined. Second, it is full, deprived of egoism, it is a special form of friendship between people in mutual, total devotion. Not everyone knows about it, even those who have been married for love. Thirdly, it is faithful and exclusive until the end of life. Fourthly, it is a fertile love and it is heading towards its extension and the awakening of a new life” – said Archbishop Hoser.

The session was also attended by prof. Jan Grosfeld, who explained the deeper sense of fertility. “It’s about a very deep and serious fertility: husband and wife are there to give each other life, losing theirs. So it is fertility in the dimension of the cross, we let ourselves be crucified for the other person” – emphasized the professor.

Whereas Fr. prof. Pawel Galuszka pointed out that procreation is deeply connected with the truth about the marriage endowment. In turn, Paulina and Rafał Urbanscy, a married couple with 17 years of marriage and 6 children, admitted that “God turns out to be faithful, not only at the moment of conceiving a child but also later”.

Press Office of the Polish Bishops’ Conference