Warsaw, August, 25th 2014

Your Excellency,

the information about the decease of Cardinal Edmund Casimir Szoka touched
profoundly the Church in Poland. Cardinal Szoka was particularly bound up both with
Poland and Poles who live in the archdiocese of Detroit. During his work in Rome and
cooperation with Saint Pope John Paul II he underlined many times his Polish roots.
During his many visits to Poland he was known as a friend of the Church in the
country of his origin. That is the reason why the news about his death moved many of
our country men.

“Well done, good and faithful servant (…) enter into the joy of the Lord”
(cf., Mat 25,21).” May the Good Shepherd receive his faithful servant in the Kingdom of
Heaven. May the example and witness of life of Cardinal Szoka become seed of new
vocations in the Church in the USA and Poland.

We express our deepest sympathy with the sorrow of the Church in Detroit

+ Stanisław Gądecki
Archbishop of Poznań
President of Polish Bishops’ Conference

+ Artur G. Miziński
Secretary General
of the Polish Bishops’ Conference

+ Marek Jędraszewski
Archbishop of Łódź
Vice President
of the Polish Bishops’ Conference

His Excellency
Archbishop of Detroit