The life, thought, legacy and deeds of John Paul II are good for the present and can also be a light for future generations. Today a 3-day online International Conference begins to mark the 100th anniversary of the birth of John Paul II.

From today January 15th to Sunday January 17th the International Conference entitled “Towards the future with John Paul II” will take place with a very dense program and with the participation of prominent ecclesiastical and lay personalities but is aimed to everyone, to academics and experts, to those who wish to know him better or to those who still do not know him.

The idea was born from a group of people from Washington, Lisbon, Rome, Madrid, Krakow, Warsaw and St. Gallen convinced that the life, thought, legacy and deeds of John Paul II are good for the present and it can also be a light for future generations.

The main purpose is to share their experience in discovering the treasures of the holy Polish Pope and to offer others the opportunity to know him. For this reason, in each session, in addition to the experts, the floor is given to a witness who has shared part of his life with Saint John Paul II.

The online edition, inevitable in times of pandemic, actually proved to be a wealth that offered participants from all over the world the opportunity to meet the world’s greatest experts in the field of philosophy and theology, who have studied the person and the thought of Karol Wojtyła – John Paul II.

Each daily session includes four interventions (introduction, two presentations and a testimony) on the themes planned for each day: anthropology (15/1), family and society (16/1), life of the Church and faith (17/1). At the end of each session there is a space for discussion and questions from connected participants from around the world.

Access is free on dedicated You Tube channels in Polish, English, Italian where the translation will be simultaneous. For further information visit the website

The Organizing Committee is composed, among others, of: Mons. Marek Jędraszewski, Metropolitan Archbishop of Krakow, Prof. Michał Drożdż, professor of the Faculty of Social Sciences, of the St. John Paul II University of Krakow, Prof. Michał Gierycz , decent of the Faculty of Economic Sciences of the University Card. Wyszynski of Warsaw, Rev. Livio Melina of the Veritas Amoris Foundation Project and the Family Pastoral Office of the Patriarchate of Lisbon.

Office for Foreign Communication of the Polish Bishops’ Conference