Przesłanie abp. Celestino Migliore na Dzień Islamu (j.ang.)


26 stycznia 2012 r.


Dear Friends, Muslims and Christians,

It gives me great pleasure to join you in spirit as you meet with a view to engaging both Muslims and Christians to achieve a common purpose working together for mankind’s spiritual dimension.

The theme of your gathering underlies the spiritual dimension of the human person and is of the first rank importance in our days when religious values and the role of religion in the public square are questioned.

Christians and Muslims, following their respective religions, point to the truth of the sacred character and dignity of the person. This is the basis of our mutual respect and esteem, this is the basis for cooperation in the service of peace between nations and peoples, the dearest wish of all believers and all people of good will.

All the world’s major religions have the Golden Rule among their ethical and moral foundations. Jesus taught his disciples, “treat others the way you would have them treat you”. An Hadith of the Prophet Muhammed, states: “No one of you is a .believer until he wishes for his brother that which he desires for himself”.

Every religion, then, should motivate and substantiate this Golden Rule, with its proper spiritual patrimony.

However, this will be a fundamental point for dialogue on principles and dialogue on daily living and coexistence. In fact, if Christians and Muslims rediscover together the profundity and fruitfulness of the messages that their respective texts contain on the topic of the love of God and neighbor, a neighbor who embraces humanity in all its components, without exception and discrimination, we will assist in shedding light and good will to resolve many questions concerning reciprocal respect and collaboration for peace.

Dear Friends, together let us pray for and work at the promotion of the spiritual dimension of humankind. May God the Almighty help us to strive for the right place of believers in our societies. May He inspire us to irradiate spiritual and moral values in our world.

+ Celestino Migliore
Apostolic Nuncio