Wearing reflectors that allow greater visibility on the road was called for conjointly by representatives of the Polish police force, the Polish Bishops’ Conference, and the Polish Ecumenical Council, which includes, among others, the Orthodox and Lutheran Churches. The Action #LetYourLightShine is also being promoted in the social media.

Wearing reflectors is especially important during autumn and winter, when it is dark and visibility is poor. On the road, someone who is hard to see can easily get hit by a car. So, reflectors can really save people’s lives and health, says the joint appeal.

The General Secretary of the Polish Bishops’ Conference, H.E. Msgr. Artur Miziński, emphasized, during a press conference, that the Catholic Church in Poland has long been involved in actions promoting road safety. He also recalled that the Pope has mentioned the issue in his teachings. “We are all responsible for the security
of pedestrians and passengers,” said Bishop Miziński.

The Deputy Chief of Police, Inspector Jan Lach, pointed out that, if we wear reflectors, it will be easier for drivers to see us on the road.