In Rzeszów, Poland, in the evening of the Corpus Christi Feast, about 50 thousand people attended the concert „One Heart One Spirit”, which was organized for the 17th time. It is one of the biggest worship concerts in Europe. It featured more than 200 artists on one stage.

„The idea of organizing the concert was born during the Corpus Christi procession. Jesus wants us to be one, he wants us to be happy. And nothing will connect people together like a common prayer” – emphasized Jan Budziaszek, co-organizer of the concert.

At the beginning of the concert a letter from Pope Francis was read out with greetings and blessings for the participants. 

The performers were accompanied by the orchestra and choir of „One Heart of One Spirit”. They are nearly 200 volunteers from all over Poland and Ukraine. In the concert which lasted over three hours the participants listened to around 30 religious songs and hymns. 

Corpus Christi is a special day of the year, when, apart from processions, many places in Poland host praise and worship concerts. This year, concerts were organized, among others, in Krakow, Lublin, Opole, Zamość, Kraśnik and Mysłowice.

Press Office of the Polish Episcopal Conference