Dear Rabbi Schudrich,

On the occasion of the Jewish New Year, I wish Rabbi, the Jewish Community in Poland and the Polish Jews in the world, that the next year will be full of hope for a better tomorrow and will be an opportunity to build close family and social ties, which are so important, which is clearly shown by the time of the pandemic.

The coronavirus epidemic has become an important test of human relations and an exam in many aspects of social life. It is a difficult time for everyone, so as faithful people we should bring hope, lift people’s spirits and show love for our neighbour not only by word, but by deed and truth.

Saint John Paul II, whose centenary we are celebrating this year, has repeatedly set an example of the importance of fraternity between us as believers in one God.

In this spirit I wish that God Almighty would bless the Jewish Community in Poland and the Polish Jews around the world. May God grant you peace, health and grace every day in the new 5781.

Happy New Year – Shanah Tovah!

Stanisław Gądecki

Metropolitan Archbishop of Poznan

President of the Polish Bishop’ Conference

Vice-President of the Council of European Bishops’ Conferences  (CCEE)


Chief Rabbi of Poland

Union of Jewish Religious Communities in Poland

6 Twarda Street

00-105 WARSAW

Warsaw, 17 September 2020

tłum. z języka polskiego J. Jankowski / Biuro ds. Komunikacji Zagranicznej