Statement of the President of the Polish Bishops’ Conference after having watched Tomasz Sekielski’s film


Today I was deeply moved and saddened when watching Mr. Sekielski’s film, and I would like to thank him for this film. For the most part, the message of the film corresponds to my experience gained during the many conversations I have held with the victims. I am convinced that this film, too, will result in an even more stringent compliance with the guidelines for the protection of children and young people in the Church, in the implementation by all bishops of prevention principles in each diocese, and in the compliance with the Motu proprio that Pope Francis promulgated the day before yesterday.

On behalf of the entire Bishops’ Conference, I would like all the victims to accept my sincere apologies; I realize that nothing can compensate them for the harms they have suffered.

Moreover, this film will definitely contribute to an even more severe condemnation of pedophilia, for which there can be no place in the Church. Some of the issues raised by the film had already been identified, others were unknown. The former must be re-examined, while processes should be started with respect to those previously unknown issues, so that the good of the victims may be protected first and foremost and above all else.

Archbishop Stanisław Gądecki
President of the Polish Bishops’ Conference