The Congress of Polish Families living outside Poland was attended by more than 300 people from 23 countries. The sessions and discussions focused on affirming God’s plan for marriage and the family, their tasks especially in the educational aspect. The role of the family as the first and irreplaceable environment for human growth and development was emphasized.

The Congress sought constructive solutions to contemporary educational threats. A proper family is not only necessary for fulfillment, personal and relational happiness, but also a hope for the shaping of the future.

Personal meetings, sharing experiences and inspirations in order to support activities in local environments was a gift and great enrichment for the participants of the Congress.

The meeting was held in hybrid form at the Evangelization Center, „Marianum” in Carslberg, founded by Fr. Franciszek Blachnicki, founder of the Light-Life Movement (“Oasis”).

The Center continues its systematic formation work and serves as an important meeting place for Poles living in Western Europe.

Office of the KEP’s Delegate for the Pastoral Care of Polish Emigrants