During Lent, the bishops of Europe launched a network of prayer, the so-called Eucharistic chain, for over 770,000 people in Europe who have died from Covid-19. As part of this initiative, the President of the Polish Bishops’ Conference and Vice-President of the Council of European Bishops’ Conferences (CCEE), Archbishop Stanisław Gądecki, celebrated Mass for the victims of the pandemic on March 15 in the Chapel of the Poznań Archbishops’ Palace.

On many occasions, the bishops of Europe joined in the voice of Pope Francis to re-emphasize the Church’s closeness to all those struggling with the coronavirus: victims and their families, the sick and health workers, volunteers and all those who are on the front lines of this difficult time.

„Together, we considered the possibility, and even the obligation, of commemorating the victims, very numerous victims of the pandemic at Holy Mass,” said Card. Angelo Bagnasco, President of the CCEE, in his message at the beginning of this initiative.

“Every bishop’s conference in Europe has committed itself to organizing at least one Holy Mass. It will be like creating a chain of prayer, of a Eucharistic chain, for the memory and intention of so many people. In this prayer, we also want to remember the mourning families and all those who are still affected by disease and unsure of their lives at the moment „- noted Card. Bagnasco.

The CCEE initiative was also joined by the Polish Bishops’ Conference, on behalf of which its president, Archbishop Stanisław Gądecki, celebrated a Mass on March 15 for the victims of the pandemic in the chapel of the Palace of the Poznań Archbishops.

The initiative, in which all European Bishops’ Conferences take part, aims to offer a sign of communion and hope for the whole continent: „We, the Bishops of Europe, unite with our Christian communities, our priests, grateful to all those who continue to devote themselves to those most in need, to support their commitment with our word, and above all with our prayer, so that we can look together towards a better future” – said the President of the CCEE.

CCEE / Press Office of the Polish Bishops’ Conference