Krakow, Warsaw, Paris most active online during WYD

Krakow, Warsaw and Paris were the most active cities in social media during the 31st World Youth Day, held in and around Krakow on July 26-31. Comments were posted mainly in Polish, Spanish and English.

Interestingly, Polish was also used by people posting from France, Germany and the United Kingdom.

In Poland, most people shared WYD information in the country’s south and in Warsaw, but also in Poznan (west), Lodz (centre) and the coastal tricity of Gdansk, Gdynia and Sopot.

About 30,000 tweets were posted daily during WYD. In the week preceding the meeting of youth with the pope there were four times fewer tweets. In total, Twitter featured 300,000 tweets about WYD in July.

Poland and Krakow also grew more popular, with 200,000 to 250,000 tweets a week related to the country and the city. In total, online users tweeted 1.5 million times abut Poland and Krakow in July. On WYD’s official Facebook page, people wrote close to 1,000 posts since the start of the year.

Facebook posts about Pope Francis’ appearance in the iconic window at 3 Franciszkanska Street in Krakow, from where the late Polish-born Pope John Paul II also talked to the gathered faithful, attracted most likes.

The topics that attracted most comments included the WYD opening mass (July 26), the arrival of Pope Francis in Krakow and his meetings with pilgrims (July 27 and 28), the Way of the Cross in Krakow’s Blonia Park (July 29), the night vigil in Brzegi (July 30) as well as thanks for the pilgrims and invitation to the next WYD in Panama (July 31).

The WYD-related social media data have been analysed by global technology giant IBM. (PAP)