Programme of the Days in the Dioceses

The Days in the Dioceses take place across Poland in the week immediately preceding the central events of the World Youth Day.

Around 300,000 young people from across the world will be hosted by the 43 Polish dioceses (except the Archdiocese of Kraków) on July 20-25. The organisers intend that the Days in the Dioceses to be used by guests to learn the history, culture and everyday life of the local Church community. Apart from praying, young participants will spend time on trips and cultural events and will be engaged
in social projects.

Each Polish diocese has assumed a biblical name for the duration of the WYD. The international pilgrims can thus know what to expect in a given place and in a given community. The names refer to the history, people and important places of the local Church.

The cost of the stay of one guest from abroad during the Days in the Dioceses is 30 euros. The young guests will live with host families, which will provide them with food and board and will offer transport to the event venues. The Archdiocese of Warsaw (Moria) will host the largest number of pilgrims; it has secured accommodation to 30,000 people.

The Archdiocese of Katowice (Carmel) will host ca. 20,000 pilgrims. Each diocese has developed its agenda independently, but the framework program of the Days is shared by all of them.

In Warsaw pilgrims from around the world will e.g. visit locations connected with the lives of saints: St. Andrew Bobola, the Shrine of Bl. Fr. Jerzy Popiełuszko and Niepokalanów. They will learn about the history of Poland’s capital, visiting e.g. the Museum of the 1944 Warsaw Uprising and the Royal Castle.

The largest event scheduled during the Days in the Diocese of Tarnów (Sinai) is a community day at the papal altar in Stary Sącz. As many as 15,000 young people will come to this diocese. The French, with around 3,600, will be the largest group of young pilgrims in Wrocław. The Diocese of Koszalin and Kołobrzeg (Meribah), located 700 km away from Kraków, will hold evangelisation projects on the beach.

The Days in the Dioceses – Events

The White Night of Museums will be held in different dioceses. During one designated night the young participants will be able to visit museums for free and during workshops will get to know Poland’s history and culture. The Diocese of Świdnica (Magnificat) offers admission to a number of museums, including Książ Castle, with one ticket.

In the Diocese of Świdnica again the pilgrims will follow the Marian trail with stops in Wambierzyce and Bardo and on the mounts of Igliczna and Wielka Sowia. In the Archdiocese of Warmia (Upper Room) the guests will embark on a pilgrimage on foot from Olsztyn to the Shrine of Our Lady of Gietrzwałd (ok. 16 km). The Archdiocese of Białystok (Bethany) will take the guests to the Holy Water Shrine.

The world’s only Neo-Uniate parish in Kostomłoty, Siedlce Diocese (Jericho) will host young Catholics praying for Christian unity and peace; the youth will represent different rites: Byzantine-Slavic, Ukrainian-Byzantine, Maronite, and Roman Catholic.

The Diocese of Rzeszów (biblical Tabor) offers its tourists venues to the pilgrims during the Days: trails and routes in the Beskid Niski range will be prepared by tour guides.

Of special interest in the Diocese of Bielsko and Żywiec (the Mount of the Beatitudes) is the museum in the former Auschwitz-Birkenau camp. It will be visited by many thousands of the world’s youth during the WYD.

The National Shrine of Jasna Góra has been prepared for large groups of people from across the world who will visit this location, of prime significance for Poles, on the occasion of the WYD.

Here are the events in particular dioceses:

The Diocese of Bialystok


July 20 – Greeting and Welcome of Guests at the municipal stadium.

July 21 – Symbolic handing over of the spark of Divine Mercy after a Holy Mass, at which the Metropolitan of Bialystok, Archbishop Edward Ozorowski, as well as the municipal and regional authorities will be present. Procession of the WYD participants with lanterns to the Sanctuary of Divine Mercy in the Bialostoczek housing estate. Prayers will be accompanied by singing in various languages and a pantomime performance.

July 22 – Pilgrims will travel in special trains to Sokolka, the site of an Eucharistic Miracle. In the afternoon, they will visit the sanctuary in Swieta Woda, Wasilkow near Bialystok. Installation of a cross made especially for that occasion.

July 23 and 24 – On Saturday evening, in the square in front of the Bialystok cathedral, and on Sunday, there will be presentations of national cultures and concerts.

The Diocese of Bydgoszcz


July 22 – Pilgrims visiting the Anniversary House in the Fordon quarter, near the Valley of Death, called the Bydgoszcz Calvary, the site of mass executions made by Nazi Germans at the beginning of WWII.

July 23 – Holy Mass with a missive, conducted by the Bishop of Bydgoszcz, in the Artego Hall. At the end, Deus Meus band’s concert.

The Diocese of Czestochowa


July 23 – Evening of Unity, i.e. a meeting for a few thousand young people, in the sanctuary at Jasna Gora. It is supposed to refer to the WYD of 1991, which took place in Czestochowa. The agenda of the event includes prayers, vigils and Mass.

The Diocese of Drohiczyn


July 21 – Youth meeting.

Bielsk Podlaski

July 21 – Eucharist in the Church of Divine Mercy


July 22 – Confession in the cathedral and adoration of the cross conducted by the Caritas of the Diocese of Drohiczyn, concluded with Jasna Gora Appeal.


July 21 – Youth meeting.


July 25 – Eucharist in the Parish of the Immaculate Heart of Blessed Virgin Mary and departure for Krakow (by train).


July 24 – Jasna Gora Appeal conducted by the Light-Life Movement of the Diocese of Drohiczyn.


July 22 – Meeting at the Podlaska Calvary (Kalwaria Podlaska) in Serpelice. The Way of the Cross will be conducted by the Catholic Youth Association of the Diocese of Drohiczyn, and the Holy Mass will be conducted by the Bishop of Drohiczyn, Tadeusz Pikus.


July 20 – In the evening, an integration-organisational meeting in St Andrew Bobola Parish and recitation of the Jasna Gora Appeal.

July 21 – Evangelization concert of the bands “Porozumienie” and “Strona B”.

July 24 – Holy Mass in the Parish of the Assumption of Virgin Mary into Heaven, conducted by Bishop Tadeusz Pikus.

Sokolow Podlaski

July 23 – Catechesis in the Sanctuary of Divine Mercy.


July 23 – Visit to the Museum of Struggle and Martyrdom in Treblinka and the Angelus for the dead, conducted by scouts.

The Diocese of Elk


July 23 – Pilgrims from abroad together with local youngsters will go from parishes to John Paul II Square, where a theatre performance, concerts and religious events will take place.

The Diocese of Gdansk


July 23 – “Litany of Nations”, i.e. a prayer for the world and for the countries from which the pilgrims come, will be conducted at the Monument to the fallen Shipyard Workers. After the Litany, the young people will go to St Mary’s Basilica, where the Metropolitan of Gdansk will conduct Mass. In the afternoon, in Plac Zebran Ludowych Square, a few hundred metres from the Main Railway Station, Youth Festival will take place, including performances of two Catholic bands – Kanaan and 12k.

July 24 – Parish Day “Remember to keep holy the Lord’s Day.” At Pilgrims Reception Points (most often these are churches or other buildings near churches), there will be Masses, grilling and prayers.

The Diocese of Gniezno


July 23 – At 7 p.m., presentations of the guests’ nationalities, an evangelization concert, adoration and a theatrical piece on St Adalbert will start at the speedway stadium.

The Diocese of Katowice


July 23 – Young people will meet at the Muchowiec airport. After the prayer, there will be a performance called “Mount Carmel. Elias – a prophet like fire,” in which over a hundred of artists will participate. Then, Holy Mass will be celebrated. The event will be concluded with the concert of such bands as “Trzecia Godzina Dnia” Gospel band (TGD). The evening is starring Steven Curtis Chapman, winner of 5 Grammies, who has sold over 10 million CDs.


July 21 and 24 – Open-air concerts in the city centre (local bands and Maleo Reagge Rockers, Sound’n’Grace, New Life’m, Gabriela Gasior or Carrantuohill).

The Diocese of Kielce


July 20 – “Day of Integration” in parishes, including formation meetings and sightseeing tours.

July 23 – “Emmanuel’s Day”; after meetings in parishes, performances of foreign bands will take place on a few stages in the city centre, there will be a location-based game and the passage from the cathedral basilica to the stadium in Sciegiennego Street. Mass will be celebrated there and “Adoration next to the Kolporter Arena” will take place.

July 21 – “Repentance Day.” Renewal of baptismal promises next to a historic baptismal basin. After that, the young will recite the rosary in five languages by the relics of the saint and the blessed.
Busko, Jedrzejow, Pinczow, Wloszczowa, Kielce districts (poviats).

July 24  – Evening picnics organized by the hosts for the guests (“Gospodarze gosciom”).

The Diocese of Koszalin-Kolobrzeg


July 21 – Visiting the seaside town of Darlowo and the local castle of Pomeranian Dukes.


July 22 – Pilgrimage to the Chelmska Mountain

July 23 – Football match Koszalin vs Rest of the World at the Baltyk stadium.


July 25 – A solemn missive delivered by the Diocese Bishop Edward Dajczak in the Diocese Sanctuary of Our Lady of Sorrows.

The Diocese of Legnica


July 21 – Eucharist in St Jacek’s (St Hyacinth’s) Church.

July 24 – A great picnic in the municipal park.

The Diocese of Lublin


July 22 – In the evening, a concert of the “Mazowsze” Ensemble presenting the folklore of various regions of Poland. In the Zamkowy Square in the Old Town, there will be an opportunity to donate blood and register oneself as a bone marrow donor.

July 23 – At the stadium, a day-long meeting under the banner “Youth’s Arena” will start at 10 a.m. The pilgrims will watch a performance referring to the history of Lublin. Holy Mass conducted by the Metropolitan of Lublin, Archbishop Stanislaw Budzik, will be celebrated as well. Volunteers and professional actors will give a prayer and art performance “Wiara, nadzieja, miłość, opowieść Abrahama” (“Faith, Hope, Love; the Tale of Abraham”) referring to the Biblical meeting of Abraham with God under the Oaks of Mamre. There will be a choir consisting of 300 people, prepared especially for the World Youth Day, there will be concerts of such bands and ensembles as Gospel Rain, Full Power Spirit, Mateo, Song and Dance Ensemble Dabrowica, Sambasim and other groups.

The Diocese of Lowicz


July 21 – Pilgrimage of guests staying in the Lowicz region to the Sanctuary of Our Lady of Comfort to the Distressed and of Beautiful Love.

July 23 – WYD participants will take part in Holy Mass celebrated in the Market Square, after which a picnic in the Blonia field by the Bzura River is planned. Next, the young people will return to the Lowicz collegiate church, in front of which a concert will take place.


July 21 – A group of pilgrims from the regions of Zyrardow, Sochaczew and Skierniewice will follow the steps of St Maximilian Kolbe to Franciscan monasteries in Niepokalanow.

Nowe Miasto nad Pilica

July 21 – Pilgrimage of guests from the region of Rawa to the Sanctuary of Blessed Honorat Kozminski.

Swinice Warckie

July 21 – Persons staying in the regions of Leczyca and Kutno will visit the Sanctuary of St Faustina Kowalska’s Birth and Baptism.

The Diocese of Lodz


July 22 – The Way of the Cross following the route of Saint Sister Faustina, from the former Wenecja (Venice) Park, where St Faustina had a vision of Christ, to the Lodz cathedral.

July 24 – Holy Mass at the Atlas Arena, celebrated by the Metropolitan of Lodz, Rev. Archbishop Marek Jedraszewski. After the Mass, a meal for all participants and a concert prepared by the Chemin Neuf community have been planned.

Diocese of Opole

Gora Sw. Anny

July 23 – a solemn Mass celebrated by Archbishop of Lyon Philippe Barbarina.


July 21 – Day of Culture: pilgrims and volunteers will present the culture of their homelands through, among others, art and dance. They will also take part in a city game and meet with the mayor.

July 23 – around 3 p.m. the pilgrims will march through the city from Wolnosci Sq. to the park at Puzaka St. at the Osiedle Armii Krajowej housing estate. There at 4 p.m., will be a concert by Siewcy Lednicy; and at 7 p.m. – beginning of prayer vigil.

Diocese of Pelplin


July 23 – “Workshops for the soul” diocesan events. The programme includes sightseeing, services in several languages, joint concerts and dances, and a procession from the Mount of John Paul II (where the pope celebrated in 1999 Mass) to the Cathedral Basilica. The evening will conclude with “Concert of the Glory of God.”

Diocese of Poznan


July 23 – presentation of all pilgrims’ groups. A “March of Nations” through the city streets to the Jasne Blonia, where prayers will be said at the monument of John Paul II.

July 24 – at noon in front of the Poznan cathedral, Days in the Diocese participants will renew their baptismal promises in the year of 1050th anniversary of the Baptism of Poland. Metropolitan Archbishop Stanislaw Gadecki of Poznan will participate in the ceremony. Later the pilgrims will walk to the Citadel for prayers, concerts, mass and a theatre performance.

Diocese of Plock


July 20 – evening: opening of WYD and Plock History Days at the Old Town Square. The ceremony, attended by local government representatives and Bishop of Plock Piotr Libera, will include an official greeting of the pilgrims who will be given the key to the city.

July 23 – Mass concelebrated in from of the cathedral by Bp. Piotr Libera with other bishops, with participation by foreign pilgrims. The motto of this day of community and testimony “gushing spring at the well.”

One of the events of Plock’s History Days will be a reconstruction of an early medieval encampment on the Tumskie Hill around the cathedral. There will be knights tournaments and  crossbow contests, music and dancing, old-time handicrafts shows and a performance representing the baptism of Mieszko I. At 10:45 a.m., the Baptism of Poland will be staged.

Diocese of Przemysl


July 22 – “Evening of praise” (“Give thanks to God, do not extinguish the Spirit”) led by the Diakonia Muzyczna group.

July 23 – Mass celebrated by Metropolitan Archbishop of Przemysl Adam Szal. Saturday will end with “A cheerful evening, or a ball with dance leaders” at Niepodleglosci Sq.

Diocese of Radom


July 23 – The Museum of the Radom Countryside will host the “Taste of Poland” event. Guests will be able to learn of Polish traditions, religion, folklore and history. They will also sample regional specialties prepared by the local Farmer’s Wives’ Associations. There are plans for a WYD World Cup – an international soccer tournament, and urban games.

Diocese of Rzeszow


July 22 – evening concert in the market square.


July 22 – evening concert in the market square.


July 22 – evening concert in the market square.


July 22 – evening concert in the market square.


July 22 – evening concert in the market square.

July 23 – Youth Festival at Podpromie Hall. Local leaders – Bishop of Rzeszow Jan Watroba, Marshal of the Podkarpackie province Wladyslaw Ortyl, and mayor of Rzeszow Tadeusz Ferenc – will meet with the pilgrims.

July 24 – closing mass in the Papal Park. Afterwards, the mayor invites all pilgrims for a joint meal before their departure for Krakow.


July 22 – evening concert in the market square.

Diocese of Sandomierz


July 23 – The “Day of Community” event in the Market Square and the Commmons on the banks of the Vistula. It will include performances and presentations of diocese groups and pilgrims, a concert of the Trzecia Godzina Dnia band, as well as historical re-enactments by the Banner of Sandomierz Knights group. On this day use of all local sports and recreation facilities will free of charge. The day will conclude the “An Evening of Adoration” with the adoration of the Blessed Sacrament.

Stalowa Wola

July 20 – opening Mass celebrated at the co-cathedral basilica.

July 24 – concert by Poland’s leading symphonic pop composer Piotr Rubik, preceded by performances by local artists

Diocese of Siedlce


July 23 – a meeting of young Catholics of various rites: the Byzantine-Slavic, Ukrainian-Byzantine, Maronite, Roman Catholic – will be held at the Shrine of the Podlasie Uniates. They will pray together for Christian unity, world peace, and in the intention of the persecuted Christians.

Diocese of Szczecin-Kamien


July 22 – mass with renewal of baptismal promises.


July 22 – mass with renewal of baptismal promises and a visit to the Shrine of Divine Mercy.

Diocese of Swidnica


July 25 – “Festival of Nations.” A march of faith will pass through the city. Pilgrims will take part in a joint closing Mass celebrated by Bishop Ignacy Dec.

Diocese of Tarnow

Dabrowa Tarnowska

July 21 – a Knights’ Picnic and Knights’ Tournament in the city park. The event will feature be a re-enactment of the Baptism of Poland. The attractions will include the preparation of a medieval meal which the pilgrims will be able to sample.


July 21 – the Concert Shell in Limanowa will host a concert of the Play & Pray band.


July 24 – Youth Festival, featuring groups from Poland, France, Rwanda and Sudan. There will also be a concert of thanksgiving in the Commons, featuring local groups as well as Siewcy Lednicy.

Nowy Sacz

July 21 – a Poland–France soccer game will be played at the Sandecja stadium, followed by Mass.

Stary Sacz

July 23 – the diocesan Day of the Community on the commons at the Papal Altar, led by Bishop of Tarnow Andrzej Jez. During the Eucharist there will be a renewal of baptismal promises. The concluding event will be the diocesan Youth Festival, featuring presentations by all the groups who come to the diocese.


July 21 – evening performance of “Credo”, a musical by the Cenacolo Community about the life of Jesus. Complementing the music and lyrics that rely solely on Scripture, will be an elaborate stage set.

July 24 – an evening concert in the market square. Plans include adoration, a concert of the Anti Babylon System group, Lednica dances, as well as “10 minutes for John Paul,” during which, among others, Iwan Komarenko and children from Africa will appear onstage.

Diocese of Torun


July 22 – performance of the Divine Mercy Oratory by the Lumen band, Lednica dances, a concert of the Bethel group at the Jordanki Cultural and Congress Centre, and an outdoor lights show by the Muare Theatre from Spain on the banks of the Vistula River.

July 23 – visitors’ artistic presentations in the Old Town Square.

Diocese of Warmia


July 23 – a walking pilgrimage will depart for the Marian Shrine in Gietrzwald. An outdoor Mass will be celebrated on the commons by Archbishop of Warmia Wojciech Ziemba.

Diocese of Elblag


July 24 – service in the Cathedral with the participation of the Bishop of Elblag Jacek Jezierski, followed by the Festival of Nations in the afternoon.

Diocese of Warsaw


July 21 – “Faith, Hope, Love” concert at 7:30 p.m. in Pilsudskiego Sq. The first part of the concert will feature Brazilian band Shalom Community, with the participation of musicians from other countries, and the Wiarygodni band from Warsaw. Later, the stage will be taken by a symphony orchestra, choirs and young soloists from Warsaw, performing a program arranged by Piotr Rubik. The third part of the concert will consist of the most popular songs about Warsaw. Performers will include Zygmunt Staszczyk, Zbigniew Wodecki, Peter Cugowski and the Sound’n’Grace band.

July 23 – meeting at the Temple of Divine Providence and closing Mass for WYD in Krakow, celebrated by Metropolitan Bishop of Warsaw, Cardinal Kazimierz Nycz.

Diocese of Warszawa-Praga


July 23 – in the grounds of the seminary in Tarchomin, there will be prayers and a procession, as well as concerts, contests and games. Mass will be celebrated by the bishop of the diocese Archbishop Henryk Hoser.

Diocese of Wloclawek


July 21 – “Folk Day,” which will begin with several hours of sightseeing, including the Cathedral Basilica, the Diocesan Museum, the Theological Seminary and the place of the martyrdom of Blessed Father Jerzy Popieluszko near the dam on the Vistula River. In the afternoon, the local bishop and the mayor will welcome pilgrims in the Hala Mistrzow square; a concert will follow.

Diocese of Wroclaw


July 23 – in the morning the pilgrims will pass through the Gate of Mercy located at the cathedral, then meet with the Archbishop of Wroclaw Jozef Kupny, with whom they will recite the Angelus at noon at Ostrow Tumski. Abp Kupny will also attend a three-hour festival which has been dubbed “Singing Europe,” which will be held in Wroclaw’s city stadium. The programme includes performances by pilgrims’ groups and a concert by Italian Ursuline Sister Cristina Sccuia.


July 25 – a solemn Mass and procession with the relics of St Hedwig in Trzebnica.