Sunday, June 19th in the churches in Poland was read the invitation of the Polish bishops addressed to the young people of Poland. Here is the full text of the invitation.

Dear Friends,

“Jesus, looking at him, loved him” (Mk 10:21). So the Evangelist describes the encounter of Jesus with the young person. In the same way, today, Jesus looks at each and every one of you. Looking at you with love he waits for you to return His love.

Dear Youth, the coming WYD is a catalyst so that you may feel the loving  gaze of Jesus and that you may respond to it. Do not fear receiving that invitation and participating in the encounter that will be the occassion to confess together faith and love through Our Lord Jesus, His Gospel, and His Church. John Paul II, who came up with the idea for the World Youth Day once said: “Following the Cross of the Holy Year, the people of the youthful generations that believe in Christ will become again a living icon of the pilgrim Church throughout the streets of the world.”

Dear youth, today each of you is the icon of the Church of our time. As such Jesus sees you, as such the country watches you, as well as your peers who already in July will come to Poland from all over the world. You do not have to be afraid to think of yourself in the same way.

Dear youth, last May 3rd on the occassion of the feast of the Virgin Mary Queen of Poland, on the occassion of the 1050th anniversary of the Christianization of the country, we entrusted to the Mother of God our people and thus also each of you, your faith, your path toward salvation, your future, your choices of life and your hopes; as well as your participation in the 31st World Youth Day.

We thus repeat a cordial invitation to participate in all the encounters in the context of WYD. Following you in your preparations, we will be with you also during the Diocesan  days, and at Krakow together we will receive you in prayer, inviting you so that your participation in WYD will also be an expression of respect and of recognition of John Paul II who said to the youth: “I have sought you…”

Dear parents and pastors, we hope that you can help the youth to participate in the unrepeatable encounter. We address all with the words of John Paul II who taught us: “Be not afraid!”

May the All-Powerful God bless you!


The Pastors of the Catholic Church in Poland
Participants in the 373rd Plenary Session of the Polish Episcopal Conference

Warsaw, June 8, 2016