World Youth Day pilgrims can expect checks – police

Anyone taking part in celebrations during World Youth Day (WYD) should expect to have their belongings checked, Polish police headquarters spokesman Mariusz Ciarka has told PAP.

This does not mean that all pilgrims will be checked. “These will be selective checks”, Ciarka said, explaining that police officers would be on the lookout for people behaving strangely, carrying unusually large luggage or dressed too warmly for the weather, for example.

“It could happen that we will be informed by other pilgrims or volunteers that someone should be checked”, he added.

Entering an event, pilgrims should also expect to have to leave dangerous objects such as penknives, self-defence sprays or sharp nail files with on-duty police officers. These items will be returned to their owners after the event.

Poland’s police force will be supported in the checks by customs officers. The events in Krakow and Czestochowa will be secured with the help of 11 mobile scanners belonging to the Customs Service, including one that can scan moving vehicles to check for dangerous objects, according to Ciarka.

Volunteers and pilgrim guides will know what items can be brought into particular sectors at the WYD events.

Police officers appeal to pilgrims and volunteers to take note of any worrying situations and to inform the police or other services securing WYD of anything suspicious, such as abandoned luggage, packages or bags. Such items should not be left unattended, either. (PAP)