On May 2, 2024, the eve of the solemnity of Our Lady Queen of Poland, under the chairmanship of Archbishop Tadeusz Wojda, the Permanent Council of the Polish Bishops’ Conference met at Jasna Góra. The meeting was devoted to current problems of the Church in Poland.

  1. One of the topics of the meeting focused on issues related to the principles of catechism classes in public schools. The bishops expressed concern about the changes introduced by the Ministry of National Education in their organisation. They appeal that all changes in this area should be made through dialogue, in agreement with all Churches and religious associations, and in accordance with the law in force. They trust that talks between the representatives of the Churches and the Ministry of Education will result in good solutions.
  2. The Permanent Council assessed the current state of preparation for the implementation of standards for the protection of minors from violence in all Church-run facilities and activities where children and young people are present. The Church has been preparing for the application of the protection standards in its institutions, including parishes, for more than 10 years by training the necessary personnel. The requirements associated with the so-called “Kamilek Act” are part of the Church’s existing standards and, in an updated version, are now practically ready. Training for those responsible for these issues in Church-run facilities such as crèches, kindergartens, places that serve people with disabilities, dormitories, boarding schools, retreat houses, youth education centres, care facilities, youth socio-therapeutic centres, day-care centres, parish and non-parish ministries and treatment facilities will soon begin. In Catholic schools, preparation for the introduction of safeguarding standards began two years ago.
  3. In view of the increasing pressure in the public space and in the actions of the government to change the legal protection of human life towards legalising the killing of children in their mothers’ wombs, the bishops recall the unambiguous and unchanging position of the Church on this issue. This will be set out in a separate communiqué read in all churches on 12 May.
  4. The bishops observe with great concern the escalating military operations beyond our eastern border, as well as in the Holy Land and other parts of the world. The Permanent Council appeals for persistent prayer for peace and continued assistance to the victims of hostilities, especially in Ukraine, through the support of Church aid organisations.

Through the intercession of Our Lady Queen of Poland, the bishops ask God for peace, reconciliation and national harmony in our homeland. At Our Lady of Częstochowa they pray for the gift of faith and hope for all compatriots at home and abroad, granting them their pastoral blessing.

Permanent Council of the Polish Bishops’ Conference

Jasna Góra, 2 May 2024

Photo: Press Office of the Polish Bishops’ Conference