World Youth Day preparations almost complete – Polish gov’t rep


Preparations for World Youth Day (WYD) by a special government team are coming to an end; now is the time for individual ministries to carry out their tasks, a Polish government representative for WYD, Pawel Majewski, told PAP.

Beata Kempa, the head of the government team – tasked with supporting efforts to organise the World Youth Day and with preparing the visit of Pope Francis to Poland – has signed a decision in which she assigned the tasks to each member of the team, Majewski said.

„Last week the government team held a meeting during which individual ministries summed up the state of preparations and provided information about issues that still need to be taken care of by the time World Youth Day begins,” Majewski said. „On this basis, Minister Kempa assigned the tasks to individual ministers related to World Youth Day and the pope’s visit.”

The tasks comply with the statutory responsibilities of individual ministers, Majewski noted.

The ministers have until July 20 to submit a report on the state of preparedness for WYD in terms of ensuring public safety and order, and until August 26 to submit reports on how they carried out their tasks during World Youth Day.

World Youth Day 2016 is an international gathering of Catholic youth that will take place in and around the southern Polish city of Krakow on July 26-31. Pope Francis will take part in the event from July 27 to 31. (PAP)