Bishop Tadeusz Litynski, Chairman of the „Laudato si” Team at the Social Council of the Polish Episcopate, encourages the faithful to unite in prayer with the Holy Father and the whole world during the World Day of Prayer for the Care of Creation, celebrated on September 1, and to take other initiatives to protect the environment. The day will mark the beginning of Time for Creation, lasting until St. Francis Sunday, celebrated in early October.

„I encourage our diocesan, parish, and religious communities to stand consciously before our Creator in prayerful union with the Holy Father and the whole world,” Bishop Tadeusz Litynski stresses. He suggests that various activities should be undertaken in parishes, communities, and schools on the World Day of Prayer for the Care of Creation. „These may consist, for example, of holding an occasional service, delivering sermons addressing the theme of God the Creator, conducting a dedicated religious lesson at school, delivering a conference by an invited speaker, realizing a formation meeting in the diocesan community, and its parishes, carrying out an environmental initiative of your choice in your parish,” he encourages in a communiqué sent to Polish dioceses.

„I cordially invite you to unite at this time in common prayer because by respecting the work of creation, we express grateful love and respect for God the Creator Himself,” Bishop Lityński stresses.

The Holy Father Francis established the World Day of Prayer for the Care of Creation in 2015 in response to the ongoing environmental crisis. It is celebrated every year on September 1 and marks the beginning of the ecumenical Time for Creation. Its motto this year is „Let Justice and Peace Flow.” The special prayer time for protecting the created world will conclude with St. Francis Sunday, celebrated on the October 4 commemoration of the Saint of Assisi. This year, it will be Sunday, October 8. Events related to this day are under the honorary patronage of the President of the Polish Bishops’ Conference.

Press Office of the Polish Bishops’ Conference

Translated by Sr. Amata Nowaszewska / Office for Foreign Communication of the Polish Bishops’ Conference