“We are 90 percent prepared for World Youth Day, and in two weeks we will be 100 percent ready,” said Bishop Damian Muskus, general coordinator of WYD Krakow 2016.

He explained that the most important task still remaining was completing the altar at Campus Misericordiae in Brzegi near Wieliczka where work began on July 4. “The altar at the Blonia is ready, work has began on the decorations,” the Bishop told a press conference on July 6.

The coordinator also spoke of the name of the place where Pope Francis will meet with the young pilgrims. “We had some very real doubts when we were trying to find the right name (…)unsure whether a place where normal businesses will operate later should be called the Field of Mercy. Today we can see that it was a good idea,” he said. He expressed the hope that the businesspeople operating in the economic activity zone that will be established in Brzegi after the WYD will be guided by mercy and treat employees with respect.

Father Bogdan Kordula, head of the Caritas charity in Krakow Archdiocese, also responsible for preparations in the Campus Misericordiae, assured that the preparations are almost finished.

„What used to be the biggest problem, often raised in the past months and causing much anxiety – issues relating to evacuation – is fully taken care of,” said Fr Kordula

He said that the Campus has 103 sectors which will fit nearly 2 million people, because up to that many are expected, especially on Sunday. There will 30 jumbotron video screens and more than 66 megaphone towers. „Each sector is in a way a small town – each will have tents with drinking water, first aid tents, information booths, a sound system, a screen and toilets,” said The Director of Caritas of the Archdiocese of Krakow, said the priest. (PAP)