Rules of journalists mobility during the WYD in Krakow


All the media institutions which plan to transfer their OB vans around Kraków are advised to submit a list of such vehicles (registration number, make, station) to by the end of the week. The vehicles itemised will be issued permits by the Roads Administration. Moreover, the vehicles will be treated as cars of Technical Services. You will be notified about the manner of receipt of the passes upon their issue.

Media institutions should mark all the other cars used for the covering of the WYD as PS (service vehicle – a car which is used for work for the media institution, irrespective of its owner). Entry passes should be stamped by the KRAKÓW editorial office, branch, etc. If you have an editorial office in Kraków yet do not have a stamp, you must have one made. In addition, the car should be visibly marked with the logo of the station/newspaper/website.

Those media institutions which do not have an editorial office in Kraków are kindly asked to stamp the entry pass with the stamp of their head office and to have WYD accreditation badge at hand. The Press Office of the Municipality of Kraków will notify the police that a number of such vehicles will be moving across Kraków.

Without prejudice to the above, we kindly remind all the interested parties that ultimately a free passage of a vehicle will be at the discretion of a police officer.

Maciej Grzyb
Director of the Press Office